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Renaissance 2016: A Strategic Community Solutions Design
Renaissance 2016 is a comprehensive community redevelopment project that looks to revitalize this once-vibrant corridor along Lincoln Highway in Chicago Heights, on a plot approximately one square mile that is bordered by Arnold Street to the west and goes just beyond McKinley Avenue to the east. Given the strategic location of this corridor, along the major thruway of Lincoln Highway (U.S. Route 30) that sits in the heart of Chicago’s Southland Region, successful implementation of this plan can have far-reaching economic and social benefits that greatly exceed the boundaries of the project. Stated simply, a successful Renaissance 2016 will benefit all of Chicago Heights and the entire Chicago Southland. 

Renaissance 2016 will take a holistic approach to building, or rather rebuilding, this proud community. It will address the housing, business, employment, educational, cultural, recreational, and healthcare needs of the residents in and around the project site. It will encourage community involvement, business development, educational attainment, and overall regional pride among the people who live, play, learn, work, and shop there. Once completed, Renaissance 2016 will serve as a catalyst and a shining example for growth and prosperity for the entire Chicago Southland region.
• Affordable Housing for Families, Seniors
Development Features
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• Child Care
• High-Quality Education
• Arts, Sports and Recreation
• Workforce Development Center
• Family Health Center
• Veterans Assistance Office
• Retail Development
• Senior Social Center
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